You’re the Worst (Season 5) (2019)

The final season of FX’s unique and emotionally difficult sitcom is probably its best. While the sharp turns that have defined the show are still there, they’re less centralized this time around, like the showrunners pulled back on the darkness and instead allow the audience a chance to connect emotionally with the characters instead of recoiling at their actions. Narrative arcs involving supporting characters – including Desmond Borges’s Edgar and Kether Donohue’s Lindsay – are steered away from their stagnant characterizations, and it’s refreshing to see the showrunners moving way from flippant one-liners in favor of in-depth character development. Aya Cash remains the show’s MVP, and she’s well matched by Chris Geere, who finally finds a little softness in Jimmy and makes him more compelling and likable. On the way to the excellent finale, the show manages some of its best-ever episodes, like “What Money,” “A Very Good Boy” and “This Brief Fermata,” and it’s also refreshing to know the showrunners decided to end the show as its overall arc reached its natural conclusion instead of letting it drag on too long.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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