Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Somehow, this third “Captain America” move is even more interminable and virtually plot-less than its predecessor, “The Winter Soldier.” Over the movie’s 150 minute running time, there’s about 45 minutes worth of story and character development, while the rest of it serves mostly just to show off special effects, set up a character arc with the newly introduced Spider-Man (Tom Holland), while the audience doesn’t have much to do other than patiently waiting for the movie to end. Chris Evans is underused throughout, with his natural charisma and charm muted to nearly invisible levels, while Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark mopes and whines for the entire movie. There’s no clear villain or conflict, and with the Avengers turning against each other in a boring, repetitive storyline, there’s really not a whole lot of characters to root for, and the whole thing just goes on and on. Surely this is one of the most stale entries in the Marvel Universe so far, somehow managing to negate all its A-list talent and first-rate special effect by wrapping them up in a rote narrative that’s both confusing and overly simplistic. It’s a drag to sit through, and for die-hard fans only.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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