Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives (2019)

Although there are few laugh-out-loud moments or memorable jokes from Adam Devine’s Netflix comedy special, it’s hard not to enjoy it because of Devine’s enthusiasm and his obvious, palpable joy at starring in his own major special. His style of humor is mostly motor-mouthed freneticism, and while it’s not for everyone, I found it charming and entertaining. His diatribes about his own insecurities as a man and his audition for “Pitch Perfect” are crazy good, but it’s his long-winded story about being recognized for the first time in the first season of “Workaholics” that takes the cake: He sets up the situation so well that it’s hard to believe in retrospect that the audience wasn’t there when it happened, because his personable skills as a comic are so effective at drawing you in. A little more structure may help expand the reach of his comedy, but barring that, this is a perfectly entertaining way to spend an hour in the company of an enthusiastic, funny, irreverent and charming performer who still carries the manic spark of a newly famous performer despite his decade’s worth of experience.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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