King of the Hill (Season 7) (2002)

It’s astonishing that “King of the Hill” managed to be as consistently hilarious and solid for as long as it did. Season 7 here finds more focus on the dynamics between Hank and Bobby, who find themselves at odds here more often than before but nevertheless finding more common ground with each other. In episodes like “Goodbye Normal Jeans,” “The Son Also Rises” and “An Officer and a Gentle Boy,” the show explores the tensions of adolescent sons and their fathers with sensitivity and clarity, and manages to make several salient points about expectations and mutual respect. Other episodes, like “Pigmalion” and “Boxing Luanne” instead focus on Luanne, who, although largely absent across the episodes, still manages to grow along the way, and Peggy gets her own terrific episodes here and there as well, like “Full Metal Dust Jacket” and “Board Games.” This season feels a little more active than the others, likely because the show takes the characters away from their homes and expand its internal universe, but it manages to do so without losing the intimacy that makes it such a pleasure to watch.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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