Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time (2019)

On the one hand, there’s something comfortable about familiarity, and Jim Gaffigan has managed to make a career out of the same brand of squeaky-clean jokes about his love of food and sloth. However, perhaps it’s starting to get repetitive, because this latest special is unremarkable and uninspiring. Literally from the first joke, it’s more of the same, but there are very few truly funny jokes this time around, as the performer doubles down on his more-of-the-same approach without any interesting new material. Perhaps Gaffigan needs to challenge himself more as a performer in order to keep things interesting, although I suspect that his built-in audience loves him specifically for his tendency to over the same topics each time instead of in spite of it. At 75 minutes, this routine is overlong and I found myself getting distracted by mundane things around my home instead of engaging with the material, because it feels like you’re hearing the same jokes over and over. Gaffigan himself is still an endearing performer with a specific brand of midwestern Everyman charm and it’s hard to fault him for pursuing an established (and lucrative) routine, but this isn’t his best work.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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