Girl 6 (1996)

This is the first movie by Spike Lee that I’ve ever seen, but given his strong reputation, I’m going to assume this is a negligible entry in his filmography. Theresa Randle is strong as a struggling actress who gets a job working as a phone sex girl, but the audience never really gets to know her character much: Lee doesn’t seem to understand the character (despite having written the movie) and so she mostly wanders through the movie, going from one seemingly unrelated scene to unrelated scene without developing any distinct, recognizable characteristics. Lee manages to accumulate an impressive roster of celebrity cameos throughout, which livens things up once in a while, and the soundtrack by Prince establishes an effective mood and atmosphere buoyed by the mid-1990s New York City setting, but it’s not enough to justify the nearly two-hour running time.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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