Life in Pieces (Season 2) (2016)

The second season of this terrific ensemble comedy is just as strong as its predecessor. If you liked the first season, you’ll be delighted by the show’s more-of-the-same approach: After all, for a show still early in its run, it wouldn’t be wise to tinker with the formula too much and risk losing its audience, so what we get here is basically a thematically uninterrupted continuation. The marriage between Tyler and Clementine is perhaps out of left field and never really manages to weave itself into the show’s overall narrative arc, but at least it’s not a distraction – it’s just an addition that doesn’t really work. The rest of the characters are just as lovable and well-played here as they were in the first season, with James Brolin’s John and Dan Bakkedahl’s Tim establishing something of a double MVP reign across the 20+ episodes. It’s the type of show that’s easily digestible without being insignificant or trivial, and it’s remarkable how each character is thoroughly developed and perfectly cast. Fortune Feimster makes a series of terrific guest appearances, stealing scenes left and right thanks to a deadpan, madcap comic energy that’s as wild as it is deliberate.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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