Life in Pieces (Season 3) (2017)

The third season of CBS’s charming sitcom is not quite as strong as the first two, but it’s still so warm and watchable that it’s just downright irresistible. There are many themes introduced throughout this season that tie the overarching narrative together tighter than before, like unexpected pregnancies, infertility disappointments, and childrens’ maturation, and it introduces a bit more real life within the show’s rather rose-colored perspective. What’s remarkable is that the show does so without damaging its effective lightness, going from one episode to another without succumbing to histrionics but addressing tough subjects in a thoughtful, responsible manner, and not losing track of its characters along the way. The ensemble cast continues to be the show’s greatest strengths, and while some of the later episodes start to tread towards “Modern Family”-style stagnation, there’s still plenty left to enjoy about this remarkably well-constructed slice of light entertainment.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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