Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story (2019)

After the fallout from Kathy Griffin’s infamous picture with a decapitated Donald Trump (comprised of a Halloween mask dipped in ketchup), the fact that she got black-listed in the entertainment industry isn’t particularly surprising, given the apparatus in place to punish any public figures that criticize this current Presidential administration (Griffin refers to it as the ‘Trump woodchipper.’) However, what does boggle the mind is the staggeringly petty deployment of the administration’s judicial authority to intimidate Griffin, itself an historically unprecedented act that’s also a gigantic waste of taxpayer dollars. Here, Griffin spends the majority of her time on stage discussing the fallout that, in her words, has irrevocably changed her life and career with the same blend of steely candor and courageous vulnerability… and most importantly, with her sharp comedic instincts still intact. With a twenty minute preface that goes over the controversial picture and what followed after, Griffin takes the audience inside the everyday harassment she’s faced, and it makes the routine that follows the introduction all the more resonant and staggering in its scope and implications. Ultimately this stand-up routine is unlike any other because it captures an electrifying moment in both politics and entertainment while the same corrupt administration is still in power, and Griffin should be celebrated for her bravery and resilience for refusing to lay down.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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  1. Reblogged this on Pop Culture Thoughts and commented:

    I hope that more people watch this half-doc, half-live comedy routine now that T***p has been categorically voted out, not to mention just how much social abuse we’ve seen from him/his supporters since Griffin’s admittedly ill-advised 2017 photograph. This is a strong indictment of all that he represents, and it’s remarkable that a seasoned Hollywood attackdog like Griffin went after him with everything she has.


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