Haunted (Season 2) (2019)

The second season of Netflix’s paranormal reenactment show is an improvement over its not-bad first season. The showrunners present another six episodes that are each unique, with a surprising focus on the human impact of the paranormal events in lieu of cheap scares. It’s by concentrating on the real-life participants, who each tell their respective story surrounded by friends and family while the viewer sees intermittent reenactments, that the episodes find their strength because we’re drawn into the emotional strife by way of the bond among the onscreen participants. Additionally, the reenactments themselves are eerie and occasionally downright frightening, and you’re never really sure where things are going. Thanks to these strengths, the show is able to overcome occasional pacing and editing issues, and in the end it’s a strong contribution to the paranormal reenactment genre.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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