Death Becomes Her (1992)

One of my favorite movies growing up, “Death Becomes Her” has aged extraordinarily well, thanks in large part to its winning A-list cast who throw themselves into the deliriously over-the-top material like nothing could be more fun. Meryl Streep gives what’s perhaps her first fully rounded, go-for-broke comedic performance and she’s a joy to watch, while Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis deliver career-best comedic work that positively drips with superstar charisma. Along with a distinguished supporting cast that includes a winning Isabella Rossellini, director Robert Zemeckis manages to infuse each scene with a vitality that’s often missing in mainstream Hollywood studio pictures, and he has tremendous help from an excellent and distinctive musical score by Alan Silvestri that recalls the playfulness of other effective scores by Danny Elfman, not to mention some of the best special effects that money could buy at the time of its release. Additionally, it’s one of the best edited mainstream comedies I’ve seen, in that not a single scene or line feels out of place, while it’s expertly paced and written. It’s one of those few movies that tells its story in just about the most effective manner imaginable, and doesn’t waste even a minute of its audience’s time.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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