Mary (2019)

“Mary” is one of those mid-level indie horror movies with recognizable actors slumming it in undercooked entries, like 2008’s “The Daisy Chain” and the “It’s Alive” remake. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it per se, really: There are some not-bad spooky scenes here and there, and the general concept is inventive (if bordering on the silly sometimes). But the screenplay is generally shallow and basic, and it draws your attention to the participation of leads Gary Oldman and Emily Mortimer, both of whom deserve better than this. Additionally, there are a handful of minor subplots that rear their heads once in a while but don’t add much to the proceedings, and even at a scant 84 minutes, the whole movie still feels unnecessarily padded. Ultimately it’s not offensively bad or anything, it’s just on the slightly classier side of mediocre horror entries inexplicably starring A-listers.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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