Rob Delaney: Jackie (2020)

Before watching this Amazon special, I was mostly unfamiliar with Rob Delaney save for the first season of “Catastrophe,” but I found him absolutely charming and genuinely hilarious in this funny, entertaining routine. He has considerable stage presence but also has a disarming boyishness about him that seems to find joy in the little things, and that type of warmth is unexpectedly compelling. Director Barbara Wiltshire keeps things moving by alternating between two shots rather fluidly, and it gives the recording a striking “you are there” feeling – she also frames Delaney from the torso up for the most part, and it has the effect of making the whole thing feel like a private conversation between yourself and Delaney. His topics mostly revolve around his homelife as husband and father of three boys, but his approach doesn’t have much in common with other famous-father comedians, like Jim Gaffigan for example: He’s less joke oriented and more casually conversational than Gaffigan (not to mention coarser), and his affection for his children is downright palpable, and all together it makes for a delightful hour of comedy.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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