A.P. Bio (Season 2) (2019)

It’s a shame that this sitcom has been canceled already, because this season was even better than its strong predecessor. Some of the first season’s rough edges have been effectively softened this time around: Glenn Howerton’s Jack Griffin is more palatable thanks to a surprisingly poignant warming of his character (not unlike that of Joel McHale’s Jeffrey Winger over the course of “Community”), and his budding-but-understated romance with Elizabeth Alderfer is a nice touch that’s all the more engaging thanks to their electric chemistry. Additionally, the supporting characters are more developed this time around and each are given more screen time, which allows the first-rate supporting cast more than a few chances to steal scenes left and right. It’s also nice that this season has dropped the revenge angle that motivated the first season’s plot because it dulls the unpleasant, mean-spirited streak that was hovering just beneath the surface. As it is, “A.P. Bio” ends as one of those shows that’s been canceled before it got a chance to hit its prime, but it’s still a worthwhile and genuinely entertaining show that deserves to find a wider audience.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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