Mister America (2019)

I don’t know how this movie plays for a viewer that’s familiar with Tim Heidecker’s fictional version of himself here (as a public figure who goes on a political campaign after literally getting away with manslaughter) but as an uninitiated, I found it genuinely hard to sit through. It felt like a long-running joke I just wasn’t in on, and all I could see was a stale, tiresome co-opting of Sasha Baron Cohen’s confrontational brand of comedic performance-art that came about a decade too late. Normally I’m a big fan of Heidecker, in my opinion he’s one of those perplexing talents who’s managed to slowly reveal a versatility that was entirely unexpected (at least by me), but here he’s on auto-pilot: He seems distracted and like he’s going through the motions, and although he does manage to land a few laugh-out-loud winners here and there, it doesn’t make the experience worthwhile. There’s just not enough plot or motivation to justify the movie’s feature-length running time, and it feels about twice as long as it is. I’d say this is probably for die-hards only.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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