Bojack Horseman (Season 6 Part 2) (2020)

After a surprisingly long run, the final stretch of “Bojack Horseman” arrives, all the more punishing than, you know, funny: Like the last few seasons, it’s an endless cycle of setbacks and self-sabotage for just about every character, of which there’s an overabundance. In fact, there are so many characters that it’s hard to keep track of who everyone is and how they fit into the overarching storyline, to the point that it’s confusing and frustrating to try to sort out exactly what’s happening sometimes, which is also compounded by a veritable assault of background gags in stark contrast with the overall somber tone. Ultimately these last eight episodes are at least watchable and occasionally entertaining even as they don’t add much, and thankfully the finale (“Nice While It Lasted”) manages to tie everything up nicely. So, it’s fine if you’re watching to finish the show and get a sense of closure, but if you’re expecting consistent laughs, you’re better off looking elsewhere. I flirted with giving it two stars but I’ll go for three because I like the show overall, but in my opinion the show overstayed its welcome some time ago.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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