Stuber (2019)

Given the downright atrocious critical response that greeted “Stuber,” I was very much expecting a disaster when I sat down to watch it, which I did thanks to my love of Kumail Nanjiani. Perhaps it’s the strength of lowered expectations, but really, I found this to be a perfectly fine, occasionally hilarious (if a bit thin) comedy that will satisfy anyone looking for something to casually watch. Nanjiani is probably better than the material at hand, but he does a terrific job of rising above the rather undemanding screenplay and easily walks away with the movie in the process. His chemistry with co-star Dave Bautista is fine I suppose, although I felt that, despite Bautista’s likability, the movie probably would have worked even better with a stronger co-star like Vin Diesel, Jon Cena or Terry Crews, the sort of bodybuilder type who can handle the demands of both action and comedy with confidence and aplomb. Nevertheless, even as it’s not great, it’s fun and entertaining, and sometimes that scratches an itch perfectly well.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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