Schitt’s Creek (Season 2) (2016)

After the promising-but-rickety first season, “Schitt’s Creek” seems to have found its footing with this second set of episodes. It’s nice that the show has limited Chris Elliott’s screentime a tad, which has the benefit of softening his character’s atonal broadness and making better use of Elliott’s comedic talents in the process. It’s also nice that there’s been some streamlining or the supporting characters: Tim Rozon’s Mutt gets a classy exit, which is for the better given the character’s limited potential, and there are less distractions by other supporting characters throughout the season thanks to the show’s heightened focus on character development. The first season was fun largely thanks to the terrific ensemble acting, whereas here there’s a noticeable uptick on likability and relatability: The Roses are no longer fish-out-of-water so there’s a settling-in among the characters that takes place over the course of the season that’s largely welcome, because the show’s overall pace finally relaxes a bit and lets the jokes (and performers) breathe more. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Season 3, and if you read my review of the first season you know I had my doubts about the show, so discovering this show has been a pleasant surprise so far.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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