Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 7) (2020)

As “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” ventures into its seventh season, it’s hard not to be impressed by how well the show has managed to adapt to many changes over the years, including the comings and goings of its cast and a major network switch. Andy Samberg continues to be one of mainstream television’s most generous leading men, able to imbue each of his lines with palpable camadery with his co-stars and a good-natured embrace of his character’s strengths and flaws. Additionally, each of the show’s extraordinarily talented supporting players gets an opportunity to shine in just about every episode, in particular Andre Baugher, who gets a number of uncharacteristically hapless arcs that ably demonstrate his comedic range in varied episodes like “Manhunter” and “Ransom” (which also features first-rate work from longtime recurring guest star Marc Evan Jackson). At this point the show has settled on a consistent and reliable groove that continues to serve it well so it’s nice to see another strong, thoroughly enjoyable season, not to mention the deeply charming “Valloweaster” that shakes up its Halloween-episode tradition without straying too far.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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