Will & Grace (Season 11) (2019)

The purported final season of the show’s thus-far successful reboot is a disappointingly basic, poorly written and largely infantile series of episodes that seem dispassionate and workmanlike, at best. Even without knowing the behind-the-scenes chaos that allegedly led to a season-long rift between Debra Messing and Megan Mullally, it’s obvious that things aren’t quite as functional as usual: The beats between the characters are off, like the actors know what they’re doing but are rushing through their lines with little passion or enthusiasm, and it often feels like the characters aren’t really in the same episodes together, like there’s no more cohesion among them. There’s also the tiresome season-long arc with both Messing’s Grace and Eric McCormack’s Will agonizing over impending parenthood that brings out the worst in both performers, while the more interesting supporting characters are off on side adventures that are more silly than funny. That being said, even a weak episode of “Will & Grace” still has its moments, most of which are provided by the always-excellent Mullally: She routinely rises above season-long weak writing and obviously delights in delivering some naughty one-liners with a nudge and wink, injecting some much-needed life whenever she’s onscreen. As the show limps towards its a thoroughly underwhelming series finale, there’s not much left for the audience to do but patiently wait for it to end, and wonder where things went wrong with a reboot that had successfully navigated the perils of overly relying on nostalgia before running out of steam rather quickly.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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