Sex and Death 101 (2007)

This reprehensible piece of garbage might as well be called “Misogyny: The Motion Picture.” It’s there, in every scene, every line of dialogue, every character, every interaction: Unadulterated woman-hating from beginning to end, with any ounce of comedic potential drained by a wretched screenplay that’s only interested in women as long as they’re of use to the movie’s male characters, and that interest is primarily driven by sexual humiliation. Mind you, you could also argue that the movie hates men as much as it hates women, because screenwriter-director Daniel Waters seems to think that every man is a juvenile, insecure idiot just waiting for an opportunity to degrade a woman. It’s a preposterous, interminable comedy that absolutely wastes a terrific cast that includes Simon Baker (who’s completely miscast in the lead, like he can’t quite figure out who his character is supposed to be), Patton Oswalt and a scene-stealing Mindy Cohn. Winona Ryder makes a few brief appearances throughout the movie, and while she’s as charismatic as usual, she deserves much better than this offal, in particular from the man who wrote “Heathers.”

Rating: ★ (out of 5)

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