The Thing (2011)

This remake-cum-prequel to John Carpenter’s “The Thing” isn’t as effective as its predecessor, but it sure has its moments. In some ways, there are scenes where this version actually improves on the original’s narrative: In particular, the characters and their dynamics are much clearer here, and it’s easier to follow exactly what’s going on amidst the chaos than it was in the original. Additionally, Mary Elizabeth Winstead makes an effective lead, using a combination of brains, instincts and brawn to combat the supernatural threat that lurks outside, and while she’s not as charismatic as original lead Kurt Russell, her steeliness and tenacity are compelling. Unfortunately things start going awry once the creature is awakened, because the CGI effects are distractingly poor. Somewhat like “The Mist” or “Event Horizon,” it’s a shame that the movie’s effectiveness is weakened by the effects, which are well-intentioned but clearly held back by a limited budget and it’s truly disappointing because the movie’s bones are so solid. So, it’s one of those enjoyable movies that has a damaging flaw but is still worth the effort, but just be ready to look past the underwhelming CGI.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)


  1. True: why do so many horror directors forget Rule 1? (Don’t show the monster!). If they had shown a writhing shadow on the wall, with that demonic cacophony of the combined voices of the absorbed victims, Winstead’s very believable dread would have worked. Still, with all due respect to Kurt, this is my favorite of these. I think I have a soft spot for the Ripley-type, who finds courage and rises to face the unimaginable horror. I’m pretty sure this archetype has deep roots. Works for me!

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    1. Yes! Winstead was so effective – it’s great how there’s no big display of strength, it’s just… there. Kinda like Ripley, like you said, the arc is enough to get the point home 🙂


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