The New Adventures of Old Christine (Season 3) (2008)

This third season is easily the best one so far. It seems like all the elements that gave the show so much potential in the first two seasons finally manage to gel extremely well: The writing is much stronger, with the writers finally going for broke and pushing the boundaries of broadcast network TV standards, and the contained episodes have stronger plots. The performers also seem much more comfortable with their roles, and the dynamics are more interesting this time around. In particular, Wanda Sykes is utilized even more and her friendship with Old Christine adds an emotional verisimilitude that was previously missing from the show. In that way, Sykes helps the show find its heart and soul, and in the process there’s less focus on Ritchie, which is a welcome change given his limited potential as a sitcom character. But really, none of it would matter if it weren’t for Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who remains the show’s main attraction not to mention it’s raison d’etre, and she’s as committed and hilarious as always.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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