Creature (1985)

“Creature” is what happens when you follow the blueprint established by “Alien” with a fragment of the budget and talent… and while it doesn’t make for a good movie, it does make for an interesting, oddly entertaining viewing experience. The “Alien” influences are everywhere from the beginning: The title sequence is almost the same, the score is a facsimile of it, and the titular alien creature looks like a DIY Halloween costume version of the “Alien” franchise’s xenomorphs. In the middle of this uninspired-but-compelling-nevertheless narrative, Klaus Kinski shows up to chew the scenery for a few scenes between bouts of what I’m assuming was heavy drinking, warbling his silly lines like he’s better than the movie while cashing the paycheck, which makes both his casting and his pompous performance all the more unintentionally comical. All in all, it’s a bad movie by any measurable criteria other than genre enjoyment: This won’t play well with a general, mainstream audience, but horror fans and bad movie aficionados should hunt this one down because it’s a really good time.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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