Ghost Town (1988)

“Ghost Town” is one of those minor, little-known ’80s horror movies more famous for its video box art than for the contents of its narrative, which is actually a bit of a shame because this is a pretty fun little movie. As the cover art suggests it’s a cross between horror and western conventions, albeit with literal ghosts as the villains in lieu of, say, racist portrayals of “savages” from the mountains. It’s brisk, well-paced and while admittedly a little silly here and there, it all adds to an unmistakable dopey, dorky charm that will speak to longtime horror fans. The makeup effect on lead villain Jimmie F. Skaggs is reminiscent of the creature makeup in the “Leprechaun” franchise, and while it’s on the cheap side, the combination of the effective makeup and a campy performance by Skaggs contribute to making the whole movie a perfectly passable, pleasant and lightweight way to spend an undemanding 85 minutes.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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