The New Adventures of Old Christine (Season 5) (2009)

Based on the developments that occur in the finale here, I suppose Season 5 wasn’t intended to the final season for this charming, undemanding sitcom. That’s a real shame too, because this was likely its best string of episodes thus far. Unlike many other shows, “The New Adventures of Old Christine” started off OK and got better and better as it went along, culminating in these episodes, all of which are strong and hilarious. The writing is finally 100% on point, managing to extract so much comedic potential from all its previously established dynamics, while it also digs into the supporting characters’ inner lives a bit more than usual, changing up the circumstances for Richard & New Christine in particular, which shakes up the formula a bit and gives both Clark Gregg (as Richard) and Hamish Linklater (as Matthew) more to do than usual after they move in together as roommates. Eric McCormack makes for a terrific, charismatic late-season addition as Christine’s first real serious romantic partner, and his warm chemistry with generous leading lady Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which goes a long way towards selling their romance. So while it’s disappointing that the show ended after this season, we’re at least treated to the show’s best work on the way out.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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