Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour (2016)

So of course 2020 was a terrible year for everyone, so for NYE my husband and I hosted a longtime friend who has been in our bubble. After some drinks we were talking about what how great Rebel Heart Tour was when we saw it together in Montreal in 2015, so we decided to watch this Showtime recording as a trip down memory lane, and holy crap it’s still just so creative and exciting to watch. The recording manages to capture the excitement and the anticipation that’s always in the air at a Madonna concert, and you can clearly see how elated her fans are to be sharing the moment with her. It’s just really good stuff.

Pop Culture Thoughts

There’s nothing like a live Madonna show, as we see here in this electrifying recording of her latest tour. With a small army of dancers, costumes, and musicians, as well as a carefully selected playlist of new songs from 2015’s excellent “Rebel Heart” and many of her hits, Madonna tackles the stage like nothing could be more fun or artistically satisfying. It’s a joyful, entertaining and exciting spectacle that shows the performer at her finest, and the production values (both of the show itself and the filmed version) are as top-notch as all her shows have been in the last decade. While there are a number of highlights throughout (including a terrific background video in the opening “Iconic” that features a bloodied Madonna literally suffering for her art), watch for a thunderous, jaw-dropping performance of “Illuminati” and a touchingly gentle rendition of “True Blue.”

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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