Screamers (1995)

I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to watching “Screamers,” but I kinda wish I hadn’t actually watched it because it’s pretty darn boring. As a French Canadian growing up in the ’90s, Roy Dupuis was a big home-turf superstar (thanks to shows like “Lance et Compte” and “Les Filles de Caleb”), so his English-speaking debut here was a big deal for us, but even so, it wasn’t enough to draw me in. There are some good ideas here and there throughout the movie, most of them lifted from “Tremors” and “Mad Max” but effective enough on their own, but for some reason the movie just never comes alive. It feels like a series of repetitive conversations that don’t add up to much, while there’s some action that livens things up here and there, but overall it’s a slog to get through. The special effects are horribly dated (and it’s hard to believe that they would have been considered impressive even in 1995), and leads Peter Weller and Jennifer Rubin look like they’re rather be anywhere other than in the same shot together, so there’s just nothing to go on. I watched it just a few days ago and I’ve already largely forgotten the climax… and I’m not sure I was even paying attention anymore by the time I got there, because finishing the movie had become a “run out the clock” situation.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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