A.P. BIo (Season 3) (2020)

What… what in the world happened to “A.P. Bio”? I kept asking myself that question while watching this bizarre third season, which finds itself on Peacock after getting canceled by NBC… and apparently getting hit on the head so hard it can’t remember what show it’s supposed to be. There’s very little here that matches the first two seasons: The characters don’t behave the same, the tone is off from its previously established momentum, and plotlines from previous seasons now seem like afterthoughts, such Jack’s romantic relationship with Lynette, which isn’t so much abandoned as much as it’s dispassionately, begrudgingly acknowledged before getting pushed to the side. It’s like the show is suddenly trying very hard to be a new version of “Community,” with irreverent writing, meta-narratives and a subversive nudge-nudge wink-wink attitude, but that’s never what “A.P. Bio” was intended to be so it just feels forced, like the majority of the things I enjoy about “A.P. Bio” have been replaced in order to keep the show going. So, while it’s not exactly a bad season as much as a soft reboot, I can see that it’s simply not for me anymore.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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