Body Parts (1991)

Now *this* is a “video shelf” find, lemme tell you. I spent my entire childhood seeing this on the shelves at the local video store and never got around to renting it, and in retrospect I regret that: “Body Parts” is exactly the type of classy shlock that delighted me to no end as a child. Not unlike “Mikey” or “Dr. Giggles,” it’s a lower-mid-level studio genre entry that seems to have been made by, and for, horror fans: There’s a rather palpable giddiness coming from behind the camera at getting the chance to put on this theater of the macabre on the part of writer-director Eric Red, who works well with a limited budget by deploying special and makeup effects only when absolutely necessary, which heightens their impact. The more the movie goes on, the more its narrative solidifies and, despite being rather predictable in the end, it just… works well. It’s not high art and it could be improved in some ways (in particular lead Jeff Fahey’s performance, who seems to struggle in the role), but the demented climax more than makes up for it. So, shlock fans: Rejoice!

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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