Hideaway (1995)

It’s hard to understand how a studio movie with so much going for it could end up being such an incompetent mess. It has the benefit of a strong source novel by the reliable Dean Koontz, the cast includes Jeff Goldblum, Christine Lahti and a-then red hot Alicia Silverstone in crucial roles, along with a fascinating storyline involving nightmares, shared identities and the ultimate battle between good and evil at its heart. But somehow, it all boils down to an overlong, poorly shot climax set in a budget set straight out of YTV’s “Are You Afraid of the Dark,” with the same caliber of special effects to boot. Goldblum spends the movie sleepwalking in a hyperkinetic, mumbling performance that’s bottom-shelf Goldblum at best, while poor Lahti is forced to play the always-hysterical shrew… even though she’s, you know, always right, and the whole movie would be over if her husband would just listen to her. Silverstone doesn’t fare much better in a nothing-burger of a role that requires nothing of her other than pouting, while Jeremy Sisto plays the main villain like he’s auditioning to play Stephen King’s Gunslinger in a local theater production. It’s all just so pointless and not worth the film it was shot on.

Rating: ★ (out of 5)

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