Inside Amy Schumer (The Complete Series) (2013-16)

Man, if there’s one series that can be watched over and over, it’s “Inside Amy Schumer.” One of tits many awesome attributes is that it arrives fully formed: From the first sketch in the first episode (a socially pointed parody of “2 Girls 1 Cup”), it’s clear that there’s a vision behind the comedy. Schumer’s voice as both a comic and public personality is just so unmistakable that it the show immediately enters a kind of “comedic auteur” stratosphere. Schumer also has a knack with socially conscious shorthand not unlike “Broad City,” in that she manages to speak loudly and directly to her audience by mirroring their ethos as a backdrop for each episode, as opposed to their raison-d’etre. For the most part, one sketch after another, it’s genuinely hysterically funny with a binge factor that’s way above most other sketch shows. For instance, my husband and I have turned a number of lines from this show into inside jokes in our daily vernacular; everything from “Sit down Pam!” to “That’s family, and you don’t do that to family” to “You know I love the V!,” this is “Mean Girls”-level quotability. Schumer herself is not everyone’s cup of tea but I absolutely adore her; I appreciate her self-deprecation because it’s endearing in its vulnerability and resilience, which in turn makes me trust her as a comic. By its fourth and final season, it’s hard not to notice that perhaps the well of inspiration ran dry, because there’s a lot of bitter humor about the perils of fame (which is not particularly interesting, at least not to me), but even so, it has its highlights too (in particular the final episode “Rubbing Our Clips,” a best-of episode dressed up as a parody of a “Real Housewives” reunion show that is screamingly, gut-bustingly funny).

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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