Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

“Bride of Re-Animator” is what I imagine would happen if you put “Fright Night” in a blender with Frank Henenlotter’s “Frankenhooker.” It’s not quite as charming and languid as its 1985 predecessor, but then again, not a lot of movies are, you know? Here, director Brian Yuzna takes over from Stuart Gordon with solid results: Yuzna may not have the same ease with blending horror and humor as Gordon, but he’s a strong, dependable genre director in his own right, and his capable hands are all over this. Not unlike his own efforts (like “Society” and “Return of the Living Dead III”), “Bride of Re-Animator” moves along at a quick pace, establishing things rather quickly and getting right to business, which is the right approach for this type of horror movie: We’re in it for the gore effects and the deliciously queasy makeup work, and Yuzna gets plenty of chances to paint the walls red with demented glee, while he simultaneously adds a diverting, humorous undertone to the proceedings by heightening the absurdity of the movie’s plot. The end result is an efficient, inspired, and worthy continuation of its classic predecessor that adds its own distinctive identity to the “Re-Animator” universe while respecting what has come before, and although it doesn’t quite rise to the same level, it’s got its own strengths that make it worth a shot.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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