Scare Package (2019)

“Scare Package” is one of those horror anthologies that make the genre so much fun to explore. Mind you, you’d need to be ‘into’ horror to get the humor, because from beginning to end this feels like it was written quite specifically *for* horror hounds *by* horror hounds. There are nods to Joe Bob Briggs… and honestly, I was about to start listing some of the references but it’s like just about every other horror movie that has a following has a nod included in here somewhere, it’s just that kind of good time. Really though, this is way more of a comedy than straight-up horror: It’s grisly as all hell and conforms (albeit willingly, with tongue planted fully in cheek) to horror-anthology conventions, but all eight (!) directors are much more focused on extracting comedy from their scenarios than spooks. But that’s part of what makes this so much fun if you’re a horror geek because you know you’re in a good hands, and it’s really nice that the filmmakers pretty much assume you’ll get all the references and humor (and actually, I’d say the humor largely depends on it, but not in a lame, the-reference-is-the-punchline way), so you feel pretty validated as an audience member. It almost feels like the movie would be perfect for audience participation events because the whole thing very much seems designed to be enjoyed with an audience of like-minded, good-humored horror weirdos… and I mean that as a compliment all-around. Think “Scream” by way of “Cabin in the Woods,” and you should get a pretty good sense of what this is all about.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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