Shrill (Season 3) (2021)

The third (and purportedly final) season of Hulu’s first-rate comedy is just as good as its first two, which it a remarkable accomplishment in of itself. After all, many shows tend to peter out after the first couple of seasons and end up spinning their wheels, but “Shrill” manages to stick the landing by not dabbling in finalities or absolutes, but instead reveling in the unpredictable, chaotic nature of life when you’re dealing with multiple people and their various interpersonal dynamics and how those affect people’s decisions. Aidy Bryant is perfect again as Annie, our charismatic, intelligent and hyper-verbose protagonist still struggling to find a balance between personal and professional success, and she manages to capture the indecision, anxieties and excitement that come with being in your mid-to-late-20s and trying to achieve it all, without really knowing what your own priorities are. As usual, the mega-talented supporting cast also does some extraordinary work, either solo or within an ensemble, with E.R. Fightmater doing some truly remarkable, authentic stuff as Emily and the hysterical Patti Harrison, whose Ruthie gets more lines and emotional development than she’s had on the show before and knocks it out of the park. Ultimately, given that the entire show is only 22 episodes, “Shrill” is one of those shows that can be taken in as a long miniseries, given that it covers a specific, continuous period of time in the characters’ lives and remains consistent throughout – if you like one episode, you’ll like the whole show, and vice versa.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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